Goshen College to offer workshops for Latino adults on U.S. educational system and validating foreign degrees

GOSHEN, Ind. – In an effort to create educational opportunities for Latino adults seeking to obtain college or graduate degrees, or to have their home country degrees validated by a United States accrediting organization, Goshen College’s office of Adult and Graduate Programs will offer a series of free educational workshops this fall.

The workshops, which are intended for adults who have completed a college degree or some college-level education in their country of origin, will help students understand the U.S. educational system, including the application process for completing a college degree or pursuing graduate studies. The workshops will also cover the procedures for recognizing foreign degrees and other qualifications.

The workshops will take place on the Goshen College campus on the second Saturday of the month from 9 to 10:30 a.m., starting on Sept. 11, 2021. Workshops will also be held on Oct. 9 and Nov. 13. The workshops will be held in Room 19 in Newcomer Center, which is situated along Main Street at the south end of campus.

The first workshop will explain the organization and levels of education in the U.S., including public vs. private educational benefits. The second workshop will cover the validation of foreign degrees, credentials and certifications. The third workshop will explain the opportunities for enrolling in a degree-completion or graduate program at Goshen College or other educational institutions.

These workshops will be in Spanish and are free to the participants. Participants are highly encouraged to attend all three workshops but they may attend only one or two. The workshops are supported by funding from the Office for Community Engaged Learning at Goshen College. For more information or to register, contact Rocio Diaz, the director of community engagement and adult outreach, at srociod@goshen.edu or 574-535-7808.


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