Goshen Clerk-Treasurer Richard R. Aguirre announces candidacy for full term of office

City of Goshen Clerk-Treasurer Richard R. Aguirre announced his candidacy for a full term of office, citing his work experience and his success over the past 18 months to increase the accountability for public funds, improve operations and provide greater access to City government.

Aguirre, a former Goshen College administrator and long-time community volunteer, said he will file his declaration of candidacy for the Municipal Primary Election with the Elkhart County Clerk’s Office.

Aguirre was elected July 8, 2021 by Elkhart County Democratic Party precinct committee chairs from Goshen to replace Adam Scharf, who resigned as Clerk-Treasurer on June 18, 2021.

Mayor Jeremy Stutsman said Aguirre has made a positive difference for the City of Goshen because of his expertise and his ability to work collaboratively with City employees on behalf of the public.

“Richard has the experience, skills and temperament to continue succeeding as Clerk-Treasurer,” Mayor Stutsman said. “He’s a strong leader, but has also empowered his staff members to do their best.

“Richard has also served Goshen residents well by helping me develop the City budget, manage expenses, and finding ways to increase revenue. He runs a customer-focused office and collaborates with others, regardless of party affiliation,” Mayor Stutsman said. “He’s also one of the hardest-working public officials I know. That’s why I’m strongly endorsing his election to a full-term as Clerk-Treasurer.”

Aguirre has managed budgets in the private and non-profit sectors and helped raise millions of dollars as a grant writer and fund raiser. He has 16 years of experience supervising employees in business and non-profit settings. As a journalist for 26 years, he analyzed local and state budgets and expenditures. He has expertise in gathering information, investigating government operations and reporting on complex issues. He has also led work teams, managed projects, developed and implemented strategic plans, written research reports and made many public presentations and speeches.

Aguirre said that if he is elected Clerk Treasurer in November 2023, he will continue working closely with the public, Mayor Stutsman, Council members and City staff to improve the efficiency, accountability and transparency of City government.

“It’s rewarding to be a part of a branch of government that puts as its highest priority serving residents. Following the example of Goshen’s many servant-leaders, I’ve worked hard to deliver good public service, increase accountability for public funds, improve operations and provide greater access and openness. Those will continue to be my goals if Goshen voters entrust me with a full term of office.”


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